Yeongju Rice

Yeongju Rice

Yeongju Diet Rice

Purely native crops cultivated beneath Mt. Sobaek.

Produced and processed by #197 (Ki Won Kim), a new intellectual named by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2006.

It is best to mix with Ggamchal, Nalssinmi, or Baekchal to taste.


  • Anjung Rice Processing Plant : 054)632-4572
  • Nonghyup Central Office : Yeongju, Shinyeongju, Punggi
  • Home Mart : Shinyeongju, Namsan
  • Nonghyup Hanaro Mart : Punggi, Anjung
  • Yeongju Livestock Cooperatives : Main Office, Hucheon-dong
  • Farm Managers Association, Yeongju Station Distribution Center
  • Farmer’s Market