Yeongju Korea-bred Beef

Yeongju Korea-bred Beef Yeongju Korea-bred Beef

Geographic Features

Yeongju Korean-bred beef is derived from cows raised with the clean waters and clean air of Mt. Sobaek’s natural environment.

Premium Korean-bred Beef

Yeongju beef is produced from excellent-quality male calves produced by artificially inseminating first-class oxen’ s semen into improved cows. The calves are castrated at 5-6 months of age and are raised according to the premium Korean beef management program. In the second half of the fattening period, a special feed is provided to the calves. The special feed was developed for two years (1996-1997) by Yeongju City, particularly by a team led by Prof. Jeong Tae-yeong of Konkuk University's Livestock Department. The feed is finally produced with the addition offlaxseeds. Supersonic diagnosis is applied to the calves to check their meat texture and to select the best-quality meat. Then the premium Yeongju Korean-bred beef is released in the market.


  • Agricultural Technology Center (Livestock Production Special Technology Division) : 054)639-7353
  • Yeongju Livestock HQ Wholesale Center : 054)634-0201
  • Yeongju Livestock Hucheon-dong Wholesale Center : 054)632-6174
  • Yeongju Livestock Korean Beef Plaza : 054)631-8400~2